HC Visit


As a part of value addition to the curriculum the college organized the high court visit to the High court of Judicature, Bombay at Mumbai.

The said visit was organized on 20th and 24th February 2020. Total 84 (39 Gents 45 Ladies) and 47 students (31Gents 15 Ladies) participated in this study tour.

The students were divided amongst the courts. The students observed the court procedure and arguments in the said visit. They were asked to take notes regarding observation of court.

In the second half the students visited the office of the Bar council of Maharashtra and Goa. In that session Secretary of the Bar council Mr. Pravin Ranapise, Secretary of Bar council explained the procedure of registration of advocate, and enrollment examination etc. He also guided the students regarding disciplinary proceeding taken against advocates in case of professional misconduct.

The students also visited the museum which depicted the history of the high court  The visit was conducted Prof. Wanare and Prof. Wakade.

DELHI STUDY TOUR (Supreme Court Visit)

To provide the students with active experimental learning, the college conducts student’s study visits to the Judicial institutions, administrative institutions, historical sites, and culturally enriching institutions to supplement their traditional learnings in the college. With the said object, the college organized a ‘Delhi Study Tour’ from 5th March 2020 to 11th March 2020 for the students of the college. Total 75 students of the college participated in this study tour. In this visit, the students of the college visited the following institutions, historical monuments, and places-

  • 15th March 2020: Visit to Supreme Court of India

To get the procedural insights of the Supreme Court, a visit to the Supreme Court of India was organized the college. The officer of the Supreme Court in this visit guided the students and has provided information in detail about the history and the present organizational structure of the Supreme Court. The students also visited the Library of the Supreme Court of India. The Librarian in this visit explained to the students about the maintenance of Law Journals and their timely distribution to the judges as per their demands. A visit to the Museum of the Supreme Court of India was also conducted during this visit.

  • 16h March 2020: Visit to National Human Right Commission, Parliament and Hon’ble Shri. Sharad Pawar (Member of Parliament)

In a visit to National Human Rights Commission, a Short-Term Internship Programme was organized the NHRC for the students. In this Short-Term Internship Programme, eminent Lawyers and officers of the NHRC enlightened the students on the subject of Human Rights and their protection. The students were awarded the Certificate of Participation the NHRC.

    A visit to Parliament Building was also organized the college on the same day. In this visit, the participants had an opportunity to observe the Parliament procedure closely.

The student also visited the Residence of Hon’ble Shri. Sharad Pawar. An interaction session took place between Hon’ble Shri. Sharad Pawar and the participants. Hon’ble Shri. Sharad Pawar while guiding the students on the burning social issues in the society, explained the role of legislature and advocates to overcome the said issues. In this visit Hon’ble Smt. Supriya Sule (Member of Parliament) and Hon’ble Shri. Shrinivas Patil was also present to guide the students on various social and legal issues.

  • 17th to 20th March: 

Visiting historical places lets the students know about the history of our country and know about the people who used to live in the past, which is very important for them to know. A visit to a nature center, or other nature destination can enrich students lives and education in innumerable ways. With this object from 17th to 20th March 2020, the college organized student#8217;s visits to historical places in Delhi, Mussoorie hill station (Uttarakhand State), Haridwar, and Taj Mahal (Agra, Uttar Pradesh).

The study tour was planned under the guidance of Dr. Shubada Gholap (Principal, Yashwantrao Chavan Law College, Pune) and Mr. Nitin S. Chalwadi, Asst. Prof., co-ordinated this visit.